"Our Oceans Need Your Help" Canvas Tote Bag

"Our Oceans Need Your Help" Canvas Tote Bag


Every inch of this bag is filled with Sokoki magic. The inspiration for this design came after Sokoki Studios designed an infographic for a client to start a global campaign to help raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans.

We strongly feel that this infographic needs to be shared.

We are still on time to Save Our Planet!

Take this canvas bag to the supermarket and set a powerful example, inviting others to not use plastic bags and encouraging our communities to become more aware of plastic pollution.

This canvas tote bag is perfect for just about anything. The roomy, square bottom means you can confidently carry all of your stuff, from books to beachwear and more.

  • 100% cotton canvas

  • Dimensions: 14 ¾” x 14 ¾” x 5”

  • Dual 22” handles

  • Reinforced bottom

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